‘Sam Pitroda should apologise’- Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Sam Pitroda has given a disputed statement about the sikh riots happened in 1984. Pitroda said,’ There’s no point talking about 1984.  You should talk about what you did in last 5 years.’ Pitroda got a lot of criticism for his statement. Afterwards he apologised saying that it happened because of his problematic hindi.

PM Narendra Modi has talked about this in many of his assembalies. Targetting Congress, PM said, “The three words ,’ hua vo hua’ shows his character and apathetic behaviour.

Now on the same statement Congress president Rahul Gandhi has posted a facebook post  asking Pitroda to apologize and wrote his views on sikh riots.

He said, ‘ I think 1984 was a needless tragedy that caused tremendous pain.’ I think justice has to be done. The people who were responsible for the tragedy should get punishment. The former PM Manmohan Singh Ji, has apologised. My mother Sonia Gandhi ji has apologised. We all have made our positions very clear that 1984 was a terrible tragedy and never should have happened.’

Rahul Gandhi also said that what Pitroda has said is totally wrong  and he should apologise. He will talk to him directly.

Two faces of Lok sabha elections are left and looking at the sensitivity of the time Congress said that this is not the statement of the party and now Rahul Gandhi has said it through a facebook post.